Making pizza is one of those fun things to do with children, and makes a tasty passover recipe to try.

To make kosher for passover pizza you need the following ingredients

1.    Six matzo
2.    Kosher for Passover ready made tomato sauce
3.    Thinly sliced vegetables such as green peppers, mushrooms, onion
4.    Shredded kosher for passover mozzarella cheese

To begin creating your kosher for passover homemade recipe:

1.    Soak six matzo in water until soft.
2.    Pour the ready made kosher for passover tomato sauce over the matzo
3.    Sprinkle kosher for passover cheese, and vegetables of your choice.
4.    Place the matzo in the oven at 350 degree F
5.    Remove from the oven when all the cheese melts.

Makes six servings.

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