Kosher Empire Barbecue Turkeys

Although thanks giving has recently passed, there is a tradition to have turkey on the Shabbat that falls out during the Holiday of Chanukah's.

The holiday of Chanukah's tends to fall within the month of December with a slew of other winter holidays. Chanukah  is a Jewish holiday, that commemorates the miracle of finding one small jar of pure olive oil in the temple after all of the others were desecrated by having their seals ripped off by Antiochus and his Greek army.
Like all holidays that fall during the Jewish calendar year, Jews especially the Orthodox communities tend to only celebrate holidays that are based on the Torah and other Jewish historical events. For years, many Jews have often wondered if thanksgiving is a holiday that is allowed to observed. It has been said that Rabbi Feinstein allowed the observance due to the fact that Thanksgiving is not celebrated as a religious holiday, and therefore not in direct violation of Torah observances.

Create a tasty  favorite Chanukah or Shabbat meal this year for your family. Enjoy a  prepared kosher turkey such  as turkey cooked in a barbecue sauce made by Empire. Empire's kosher barbecue turkey is a fully cooked turkey, that is ready to defrost, heat and serve. The Empire kosher barbecue turkey is inspected by the USDA, is a product of the USA and has KAJ, OU and STAR K Certifications.
Empire Kosher Turkey is one of several products made by a 61 year old kosher company. Their poultry is raised without growth hormones and they their own feed. Empire owns its own hatchery and allows their birds to roam freely and doesn't use preservatives.

In keeping with a goal to offer Jewish and Non-Jewish poultry eaters quality kosher turkey and kosher chicken, these Empire kosher turkeys can be found in a variety of retail stores and kosher grocery stores such as  AviGlatt is an online kosher grocery store with physical locations in Brooklyn, New York. Avi Glatt provides free delivery locally and ships to 48 states.

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