AviGlatt is an on line kosher grocery store with physical stores in Brooklyn, New York.

AviGlatt carries a full line of fresh Glatt kosher meats, fresh kosher chicken, organic chicken and fresh kosher seafood. All meats are Glatt Kosher bet Yossef Shichita.

AviGlatt's stores also carry some kosher gourmet foods, kosher gift baskets. As you continue to peruse the aisles of AviGlatt stores you will also find fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) and kosher bakery products. AviGlatt does catering, and has a large selection of readymade foods, so all in all AviGlatt is a foodie’s paradise.

Don't be fooled by the name, AviGlatt has customers who are Jews and Non Jews who rave about his bar-b-que chicken special and his readymade food take out.

Why you need to buy from AviGlatt?

AviGlatt kosher meats and kosher chicken are under the Rabbinical Supervision of Rabbi Gornish and are Bet Yoseph Shichita, the key to the uniqueness of this store. Under one roof, this is a wonderful combination of Rabbinical supervisions or in Hebrew hechsers to satisfy the desired level of kashrut tastes of both communities the Sephardi and the Ashkenazi!

AviGlatt's owner once remarked that he chose this field of kosher meats “because it was a tradition in the old country.”  AviGlatt is that unique blend of modern thought in terms of how to reach out to the various communities using modern technology such as the Internet and that is added on top of  a deeply rooted old world tradition that he holds himself and everyone else to as well.

AviGlatt's desire to make kosher meats available to all Jewish communities using technology is seen when you visit his website AviGlatt.com. Although a website, the products are easily labeled and easy to understand. AviGlatt once said that he “wants all of the Jewish ladies to be able to shop in a safe environment know that the food that they are purchasing is up to standards by Halacha (translated as Jewish law in English) and that it can arrive in such a way to make it easier for them”. He said that he “encourages the ladies (and of course the men too) to post their favorite recipes and share their experiences with him because he is always trying to find ways to upgrade the shopping experience.”

A few last remarks about why you should buy from AviGlatt is that AviGlatt makes deliveries nationally excluding (for now) Hawaii and Puerto Rico. AviGlatt makes local deliveries in Kosher New York, free of charge. Purchases can be made by telephone, fax and in person, and of course on the on their website AviGlatt.com. A percentage of every dollar spent on the website goes to local (charities) Tzedakot that are food and service related.

What are you waiting for? Go on over to AviGlatt.com and search to see if he has your favorite Israeli kosher food products, kosher passover, kosher deli, Glatt kosher meat, kosher chicken or go into one of the local stores and show this local kosher grocery you appreciate the hard work he puts in, and make your Shabbat or just everyday meal time special.

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